Family Garden

Description: The design of this large garden in Wimborne included both formal and informal areas.  Curving brick paths are softened by lush planting creating an attractive vista from the house and patio. Metal arches covered in colourful and scented climbers span the main path, which leads to a circular gravelled area and the informal garden beyond.

A selection of evergreen and deciduous shrubs were planted throughout the garden, highlighted by seasonal perennials, grasses and bulbs.

Oak sleepers set into the gravel provide an interesting design detail. Water always brings movement and sound to a garden and the raised fountain, as well as being a focal point, does just that.

A summer house with circular brick patio enables the enjoyment of the late afternoon and evening sun.A fun seating area especially for the youngest member of the family to enjoy.

The same view taken after construction and planting is colourful and full of life with variety and scent, making the whole family want to venture out and enjoy the garden.

The family garden before, consisted of a featureless lawn with all the planting around the periphery. It was boring and did not encourage anyone into the garden.