Retirement Garden


Description: The aim of a garden for retirement is to minimize maintenance and maximize enjoyment.  A mature garden can become a chore to maintain.  Well chosen planting and practical hard landscaping can ensure that  a garden is easy to look after without compromising on colour and interest.

This design shows an area which was formerly lawn. To reduce maintenance the grass was replaced with a selection of boulders, gravel and cobbles, with a central pot and sleeper detail. Planting in the gravel adds height, color and interest.

Careful selection of colourful, low maintenance shrubs and perennials will provide year round interest with seasonal highlights.

Dividing a large garden into smaller more manageable areas means ongoing maintenance is less of a chore. Use of hard landscaping to create paths and edging for beds and lawns all help to make life easier.

Many people retire to a new property. Often the garden is a blank canvas and can have problems such as level changes, which need to be rationalized.

Not only is bending a thing of the past but poor soil can be improved very easily.

Raised beds can make all types of gardening easier, whether it is vegetable growing or simply an ornamental border.